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Comprehensive AI Accelerator Ecosystem for Industries.

Envision new possibilities and extraordinary paths to value using AI and accelerate all of them with ATOM.AI.

An intelligently engineered accelerator ecosystem

that navigates you from AI design to development to value.

ATOM.AI is an automated, optimized and integrated suite of tools and accelerators augmented with methodologies and vertical solutions to accelerate return on value.

ATOM.AI manages your AI/ML product workflows end-to-end, from identifying the impactful ideas in their most viable forms with rapid development iterations to being market-ready at the speed of relevance.

Inside ATOM.AI

The Unified AI/ML Ecosystem

ATOM.AI simplifies your AI innovation journey by providing pre–built ML models, standardized data architecture, optimized business-ready solutions, and automated infrastructure provisioning solutions.

Data Works

  • Pre-built data pipelines
  • Pre-configured public datasets

Algo Works

  • Pre-built AI/ML models with centralized feature store
  • MLOps templates & best practices

Solution Works

  • Pre-built AI/ML solutions
  • Design studio


  • 100+ ready-to-use Figma templates
  • 10+ end-to-end solution design templates

Automation Works

  • Automated infra provisioning
  • E2E governance
  • Integrated MLOps
  • Usage monitoring

Complete AI Development Lifecycle Management

ATOM.AI pans into three components for focused attention to each phase of your AI solution’s lifecycle.

Concept Design Studio

Set up a strong human centered foundation for your AI initiative and grow your vision into an operable game plan.

Essential for AI ideation cycle:

  • Nurture team collaborations
  • Run effective requirement gathering & white boarding sessions
  • Create roadmap for your product goals
  • Create functional mock-ups to guide Designers & Developer

Development Studio

Steer your build with confidence through productive iterations with the Development Studio.

Fast-track your development with:

  • Collaborative development workspace with Low code platform
  • Data design & transformations
  • AI/ML workbench
  • Reusable code libraries & UI components
  • Testing infrastructure

Deployment Studio

Power through the last mile of AI deployment with the Deployment studio.

Your one-stop deployment shop with support for:

  • Infrastructure provisioning on-demand
  • Cost governance
  • Cost and usage alerts
  • Infrastructure management and sharing

The Platform That Makes AI Work for You

With ATOM.AI, rally your team around a well-planned AI roadmap
and bring it to success – all at one place.



Design System

& Deployment


AI/ML Workbench

LowCode App Dev

Quality Testing

Data Preparation

Data Pipelining

With Every Resource to Support You




Domain Expertise

A Proven Approach to Building AI

We have filtered our years of experience building successful and responsible AI solutions for our customers across 8 industry sectors into a proven methodology. This has become the keystone to an agile, high-quality delivery, ending in AI adoption with impact every time.

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