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ATOM.AI The Unified AI/ML Ecosystem

Purpose-built and Value-driven AI in the World of ‘Digital Sameness’

From Concept to Reality,

Let Your AI Innovation Bloom and Take Center Stage

Simplify and accelerate your AI innovation journey from ideation to execution with pre-built ML models, standardized data architecture, optimized business-ready solutions, and automated infrastructure provisioning. Get cooking with our recipes and starter kits, in minutes. 

In an effort to enable enterprises to exploit AI to its fullest potential, we’re fostering an innovation ecosystem with infrastructure, open-source tools, datasets, and APIs. ATOM.AI enables seamless integration across the solution development lifecycle, allowing you to focus on the power of your innovation. Bring people, processes, technology, and data together on a single platform to catapult your ideas into the real world and demonstrate quantifiable business value.

Data Works

Flexible software-defined data integration to reduce data processing

Algo Works

Develop ML models faster and improve predictions with proven algorithms

Solution Works

Build Vertical Accelerator Packs for Enterprises at Scale


Streamline your design process and get your solutions up and running faster

Core Platform Services

A single platform to Build, Develop, Scale, and Deploy AI at scale

Data Works

Data arrives in a variety of formats and sources, ranging from low to high in volume, velocity, and complexity. So, third-party products or libraries are often difficult to integrate into an existing model. But don’t let this deter you. Data Works harmonizes data from both internal and external sources ensuring ML models deliver meaningful outcomes.

  • Pre-built data models, data engineering pipelines and standardized architecture
  • Rich repository of processed public datasets facilitating optimal model builds
  • Prebuilt connectors for faster configuration and better scalability
  • E2E data security and governance
  • Auto data integration for a single, integrated, single-pane, view of data flows

Algo Works

High-performance machine learning models extract valuable insights from business data and power faster, better, and real-time decisions. The Algo Works module helps you with everything you need to kickstart the model development process with trained and proven algorithms that are tested, sanitized, and ready to deploy. 

  • Pre-built AI and ML models across multiple functional and industry use cases
  • Centralized feature store with pre-built entities and over 300+ features
  • Last-mile solution delivery using ML cookbooks and actionable notebooks
  • Automated feature engineering supported by efficient data preprocessing
  • E2E model management – model training, testing, deployment and ModelOps

Tredence is one of the early adopters of Microsoft’s ‘Feathr’ feature store. We’ve been collaborating with the Microsoft Feathr team to build the user interface for the Feathr feature store and enhance its library with new capabilities like feature lineage and UI-based feature creation. We’ve also actively contributed to Feathr’s open-source library.

Solution Works

Whether it’s smart product discoveries that transform retail experiences data-backed decisions to improve CPG revenue growth management, or predicting customer churn for telecom companies, ATOM.AI builds customized AI solutions to help your business prepare for future disruptions. 

  • Pre-built domain/industry-specific solutions with a low-code app builder
  • Design studio for high-fidelity solution mockups, user personas and user flows
  • Reusable designs to visualize AI/ML use case and last-mile adoption
  • UI libraries to enable faster development designs
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning

UX Works

A web application is a complex mix of solutions. It’s not just about programming skills and knowledge. It takes months of the ‘Discover – Define – Design’ journey to finalize the solution one wants to build. ATOM.AI’s UX Works has been curated to optimize your solution design effort, focusing on your company’s needs. Our UX Works collection is for the creative and solution-driven mavens who know just how hard it can be to bring design concepts to life.

UX Works is a smart choice for your business. It helps you supercharge your solution planning and designing journey. With ready-to-use Figma templates, enterprises can kick-start their solution design journey. In addition, UI/UX Works help businesses maintain brand and design consistency.

  • Pre-built design templates to help kick-start your new solution initiative
  • 100+ ready-to-use Figma module templates
  • 10+ complete end-to-end solution design templates
  • 50% efficiency gain in the solution design journey
  • Significantly improve your code and design quality
  • Focus your design effort on solving complex business problems

Core Platform Services

ATOM.AI helps you unlock the true potential of AI through an integrated, end-to-endless platform for building products and solutions at speed and scale. Surround your ideas with the right data, UI capabilities, features, tools, resources, and processes across the design, development, testing, and deployment journey to ensure real-world AI success.

  • Auto Infrastructure as Code (IaC) powered by Terraform & Azure DevOps
  • Support for Microsoft PaaS and open-source components
  • Cost governance system with granular details of independent resources
  • Simplified and single-click management of privileges and access
  • Data engineering infrastructure and in-house, automated testing framework
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